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Choose to double or even triple the number of stems and watch your bouquet transform into a jaw-dropping floral masterpiece.

None Signature P&C Bouquet Box (FREE) $0.00 White Ceramic Vase +$12.00 Glass Lisbon Vase +$12.00 Modern Brass Vase +$15.00
None Signature P&C Bouquet Box (FREE) $0.00 Glass Lisbon Vase +$12.00 Large White Ceramic Vase +$15.00
None Hand Tied and Wrapped +$25.00


Embrace the delicate charm of our “Rosé” bouquet, a graceful blend that captures the soft hues and subtle fragrances of a peaceful garden. Classic roses and dainty spray roses mingle in shades of soft pink and creamy whites, evoking the gentle touch of a blush wine. The vivid splash of color from Gerberas brightens the arrangement, while the whisper-soft presence of Limonium adds a breezy, airy quality. Lush Ranunculus blooms provide a sophisticated texture, complemented by the dainty Mini Carnations. Fresh Eucalyptus leaves frame this floral masterpiece, adding a hint of aromatic freshness and a touch of green serenity. Perfect for any occasion that calls for a sip of elegance, the “Rosé” bouquet is as refreshing and inviting as its namesake.

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