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As the digital revolution marches forward and retailers across the world adjust to the new normal, we’re here to help you provide novel shopping experiences and increased foot traffic at your location. Our bouquets are one-of-a-kind and cutting-edge vending technology ensures that guests at your location have something to gossip about. Stop shoppers in their tracks, increase customer loyalty, and bring in new business with a new shopping solution from Penny + Clover.

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What We Bring

Penny + Clover has found yet another way to connect people with flowers. Our resident floral artist, Mary, puts her heart and soul into each of our gorgeous floral arrangements, while our state-of-the-art refrigerated vending machines preserve her work until just the perfect moment. An aesthetic match made in heaven, a partnership with Penny + Clover can increase foot traffic and shopper loyalty at your location.

As a revenue generator and a statement piece, our Penny + Clover machines bring something unique to your commercial center. In an age when brick-and-mortar retailers struggle to engage consumers, innovative purchasing experiences can only help drive in-person shopping. When that purchasing experience is as stunning and unique as a Penny + Clover vending machine, you’re bound to see and reap the benefits.

Order beautiful floral arrangements from Penny + Clover
What You Bring

We’re looking for forward-thinking commercial partners in the metro Detroit area to host our fresh floral shopping stations. You have the foot traffic, the eyeballs, and the enthusiastic customers we’re looking to reach. As the once rising success of retail storefronts in shopping malls and commercial centers plateaus, new attractions are needed to bring in the kind of business you’re looking for.

Together with your other efforts, a Penny + Clover vending machine can add yet another facet to your retail space. Our gorgeous floral arrangements and sleek tech support your surrounding businesses in drawing more and more customers to your location for a variety of unique buying and gifting experiences they can’t get from behind a computer screen. When you partner with us, you’re adding yet another bullet point to a growing list of reasons why shoppers should come and see you in-person.

Let’s Make Life More Beautiful Together

At Penny + Clover, we’re looking to expand our reach and enrich the shopping experience across metro Detroit, MI, to the benefit of all involved! Let’s work together and make beautiful things happen.

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