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Pina Colada


Choose to double or even triple the number of stems and watch your bouquet transform into a jaw-dropping floral masterpiece.

None Signature P&C Bouquet Box (FREE) $0.00 White Ceramic Vase +$12.00 Glass Lisbon Vase +$12.00 Modern Brass Vase +$15.00
None Signature P&C Bouquet Box (FREE) $0.00 Glass Lisbon Vase +$12.00 Large Gold Pot +$15.00
None Hand Tied and Wrapped +$15.00 Large White Pot +$25.00


Escape to a tropical paradise with our “Pina Colada” bouquet, a refreshing blend of blooms that captures the essence of sunny, island days. This arrangement features classic Roses and playful Spray Roses, their lush and vibrant petals evoking the colors of a beachside sunset. Crisp Chrysanthemums (Crisantemo) add a touch of white like soft sands, while the exotic flutter of Butterfly flowers brings a hint of tropical whimsy. Delicate Ranunculus and airy Limonium mingle gracefully, offering layers of depth and texture. Veronica blooms lend a splash of cool blue, reminiscent of clear ocean waters, and the rich greenery of Cocculus leaves completes this lush bouquet, transporting you to your favorite beach with every glance. The “Pina Colada” bouquet is a sip of summer, perfect for brightening any room or occasion.

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