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Choose to double or even triple the number of stems and watch your bouquet transform into a jaw-dropping floral masterpiece.

None Signature P&C Bouquet Box (FREE) $0.00 White Ceramic Vase +$12.00 Glass Lisbon Vase +$12.00 Modern Brass Vase +$15.00
None Signature P&C Bouquet Box (FREE) $0.00 Glass Lisbon Vase +$12.00 Large Gold Pot +$15.00
None Hand Tied and Wrapped +$15.00 Large White Pot +$25.00


A colorful and cheerful gift for any occasion, this bouquet is a delight to behold. It features a mix of flowers in jewel tones, such as fuchsia, deep purple, and pink. This bouquet is vase ready – just trim the stems and place it in a vase from your own collection. This bouquet will make anyone feel like royalty with its radiant hues and lovely style. Order yours today and surprise someone with this gorgeous bouquet!

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