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Detroit’s Floral Vending Machine Co.

No matter how they find you, flowers are guaranteed to brighten your day or the day of that special someone. But how we get our flowers matters. Penny + Clover is proud to offer online shopping for fresh-cut, bulk, and preserved flowers from the Forever collection. We’re also thrilled to work with delivery companies right here in metro Detroit, MI, to offer same-day delivery to our local customers.

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Penny + Clover Vending Machines

To the list of items available via vending machines, you can now add “floral arrangements.” With the amenities of our refrigerated vending machines, Penny + Clover has found yet another way to connect people with flowers.

Cutting-edge technology meets soil and stem with our Penny + Clover vending machines. Now, our shopping stations can be found in shopping areas around Metro Detroit.

We know that flowers—like the people who give them—tend to be spontaneous, difficult to predict. To that end, Penny + Clover offers a unique approach to connecting gorgeous floral bouquets with the people who need them.

Dispensing Joy & Beauty at a Location Near You

When you’re in the market for flowers, you don’t always have time to wait for delivery. Our vending machines are ready to help at a location near you. Here’s how you can get your hands on one of our gorgeous floral arrangements ASAP:

Find a P + C Vending Machine Near You

Browse Our Variety of Gorgeous Flowers

Make Your Selection and Insert Payment

Receive Your Fresh Floral Arrangement!

Finding fresh-cut floral arrangements expertly crafted by Penny + Clover is just that easy! Our floral vending machines provide a convenient option for getting exactly the flowers you need to say something special to that special someone!

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Shop Online or at a Vending Machine Today

At Penny + Clover, we believe that life is simply more beautiful with flowers! That’s why we want you to have as many options as possible for getting the flowers you need for special occasions or no occasion at all.

To find the nearest vending machine to where you are in metro Detroit, MI, head over to our locations page. We’re also happy to arrange for same-day delivery throughout the metro Detroit area through partnerships with DoorDash and UPS Roadie. For everyone else, there’s our quick and careful nationwide shipping option on fresh-cut, bulk, and Forever flowers.

Life looks, smells, and feels better when flowers are part of our daily lives. For your upcoming anniversary, wedding, special occasion, or no occasion at all, you’ll find gorgeous floral arrangements near you or online with Penny + Clover.

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