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Elevate Your Brand Experience with Farm-Direct Floral Solutions

Flowers are a beautiful way to appeal to customers, but without consistency, your marketing activations aren’t reaching their full potential. Streamline logistics and strengthen brand recognition by partnering with Penny + Clover to produce the level of luxury your customers expect.

Seamless, Scalable Floral Branding Solutions Tailored for Corporate Needs

Elevate your marketing activations and create memorable experiences for your customers by incorporating high-quality flowers into your promotions. With our farm-direct approach, we can source the perfect florals for your brand, build custom mini arrangements or decorations, and distribute them directly to stores nationwide.

This not only solves the problem of inconsistent branding but also saves you time and resources. Our team is dedicated to showcasing the diversity of our flower varieties and pivoting to meet the unique needs of each customer. Whether you’re looking to enhance in-store ambiance or create memorable gifts with purchase (GWP), our farm-direct floral solutions will elevate your brand experience and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Why Choose Penny + Clover?

Providing Corporate Branding Solutions at Scale with Beautiful Florals

Sourcing and distributing flowers to multiple locations can be a logistical nightmare, leading to inconsistent branding and a lack of cohesion across your retail space. That’s where we come in.


Brand consistency and luxury go hand in hand. By managing every step of product development, from design to in-store distribution, we create a cohesive brand experience nationwide to support your brand awareness efforts.


We streamline end-point production and integration at scale across the nation. With our florals, there is no work involved for the retail teams receiving the flowers. A single invoice system for all store deliveries nationwide makes billing easy.


Our in-house team designs unique floral arrangements that match brand themes and seasonal campaigns. We’re able to pivot rapidly to suit your needs with diverse options like wreaths to accompany candles, box toppers to add flourish to gifts, and preserved roses for special occasions.


By working directly with our farms, we guarantee quality and provide fresher flowers. Sourcing from us means greater longevity, improved customer satisfaction, and a level of luxury and beauty that matches your brand’s reputation.


There’s no need to juggle multiple invoices, delivery teams, or floral retailers. Our farm-direct pricing provides the best value in the industry, with long-lasting florals for beautiful GWPs that bolster your brand identity.

Customized Floral Solutions for Beautiful Product Branding

Targeting Pain Points for Your Activation Events

Our GWPs (gifts with purchase) can be designed, produced, and shipped at scale.

For example, our flower farm built 2,200 bouquets for Jo Malone London for Mother’s Day 2024. We shipped them to 112 stores across the US, including Macy’s, Nordstrom, Dillards, and Bloomingdale’s.

Our corporate customers have an intimate experience working with Penny and Clover. We create a personalized experience for each client throughout the design, production, and logistics phases.

We arrange meetings and provide several design concepts, which we tweak as needed based on customer feedback. The selected design is taken to our farm, where it’s produced, tested, and shipped (as part of the testing phase).

Shipping and logistics are fully managed by Penny and Clover, and we collaborate with customers and their teams. We provide full transparency on shipping logistics, tracking, and deliveries.

Reduce overhead and accounting complexity by working with Penny and Clover.

In the past, each store participating in a marketing activation event would have to invoice their own flowers and spend time sourcing them locally. That could result in your accounting department getting over 100 invoices that had to be categorized and addressed. Now, a single invoice is received from one vendor (the Penny and Clover team), streamlining the process.

Our Partnerships

A Fluid Process for Improved Brand Consistency

Design Phase
Farm Production
Direct Shipping
Store Arrival
Displayed to Customers

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Solve Corporate Branding Challenges with Beautiful Florals At Scale

Discover how we can transform your brand experience for GWPs and other brand activation events.

Our farm-direct floral solutions connect you directly to the world’s best flower farms, ensuring you receive the highest-quality flowers at an affordable price. We source the flowers, build mini arrangements or decorations for customers, and distribute them directly to the stores, making sure every store has all the same products at the exact same time.

Contact us today to elevate your brand with one-of-a-kind products and streamlined logistic solutions.

Strengthen Your Brand Identity

Reach out to the Penny + Clover team today to discuss your improved corporate branding strategy.

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