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Late Summer Sorbet


Shipped and Delivered on August 29th (Metro Detroit Only)

(Vase not included)

  • Designed in house, Late Summer Sorbet is a seasonal, front facing arrangement featuring approximately twenty-five fresh blooms plus an embellishment of foliage.
  • Arrangement may include ranunculus, roses, and stock that arrive ready for a quick trim and a drop into your favorite pretty vase.  Though this bouquet will look great as is, don’t be afraid to try your hand at designing!

Shipped and Delivered within our shipping zone only

After you’ve given your arrangement everything fundamental that it needs, you can further extend both the shelf life and luster of your bouquet by providing it with certain nutrients and additives. So-called “flower food” comes in many varieties—some pre-made and others homemade.

The basic recipe for “flower food” consists of water, lemon juice, sugar, and bleach. Other novel ingredients include hair spray, old coins, and a few other oddball ingredients. You can find plenty of tried-and-true recipes online, so try your hand at nourishing your arrangement and see how long you can make it last!

Sitting in standing water takes a toll on each stem. Over time, that vase water soaks into the stems, damaging the plant and limiting its ability to absorb the moisture it needs. When you change the water in your vase every 2-3 days (as recommended), or daily if you’re going for the record, it helps to trim the stems a little so that each one is able to absorb the water it needs.

Trimming stems is best accomplished with a super sharp knife and by cutting at a slight angle. This exposes more of the stem’s fresh cells which, in turn, are ready and eager to suck up the water they need to go on being brilliant!

Because your flowers are still alive, they’re still taking in information from their surroundings. Direct sunlight encourages flowers to bloom wide open, using vital nutrients and other resources as they do so. Direct sunlight, therefore, accelerates the decomposition of fresh-cut flowers, limiting your enjoyment of them.

Furthermore, excess heat from a nearby radiator or other home fixture could encourage premature wilting and decay. Similarly, keeping your arrangement too near other decaying/rotting biological materials (such as fruit in a bowl) could expose them to molds, mildews, and other agents of decomposition.

Keep your flowers cool and fresh for maximum shelf life.


Out of stock


Flowers will be delivered to customers within our shipping zone only and arrive fresh (and fast), ready for a trim, a drink (don’t forget the flower food included) and your favorite container from your own collection!

Please remember that the picture shown is an arrangement that we made fresh for someone special (like you!). However, we are working with Mother Nature – who can be pretty unpredictable. When/if needed, we will make a substitution for something similar based on color or flower variety within equal or greater value.

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Weight .05 lbs
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