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Azure Dream


Available on April 17, 2024.

Choose to double or even triple the number of stems and watch your bouquet transform into a jaw-dropping floral masterpiece.

None Signature P&C Bouquet Box (FREE) $0.00 Modern Trumpet Vase +$13.00 Ceramic Floral Vase +$13.00
None Signature P&C Bouquet Box (FREE) $0.00 Lisbon Glass Vase +$12.00 White Ceramic Vase +$13.00 Large Gold Pot +$15.00 White Ceramic Pot +$25.00
None Hand Tied and Wrapped +$15.00 White/Charcoal Container +$25.00


Drift into a serene dreamscape with our “Azure Dream” bouquet, a mesmerizing blend of florals that captures the essence of a tranquil, starlit night. This arrangement leads with the captivating beauty of Purple Anemones and Lavender Roses, evoking the mystical allure of twilight skies. Purple Veronica and Limonium add depth with their delicate textures, reminiscent of a night blooming under a moonlit canopy. The unexpected pop of Hot Pink Imre Solomios injects a playful vibrancy, like a dream where colors dance freely. Rich Burgundy Astrantia and the gentle tones of Elva Spray Roses create a harmonious balance, while the greenery of Hebes anchors the bouquet in nature’s embrace. The “Azure Dream” is a perfect symphony of nocturnal hues and whimsical charm, ideal for anyone who wishes to bring a piece of the night’s magic into their everyday life.

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